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TQM seminar #24 : October 5th 2023, 2pm (LPTMC, towers 12-13, 5th floor, seminar room)

Leonardo Mazza (LPTMS, Orsay)

A spin-statistics relation for the anyonic quasiparticles of the quantum-Hall effect

The spin-statistics relation is a pillar of our description of the world. In this seminar, I will show that it is possible to introduce a measurable spin also for the quasiparticles of the quantum Hall effect, and that this spin satisfies a spin-statistics relation. I will discuss this idea in several explicit cases (including the case of Laughlin’s quasielectron) and lay down a sketch of the proof. [1,2]

Finally, I will conclude the seminar discussing the entanglement properties of FQHE wavefunctions using a Bisognano-Wichmann Hamiltonian (see Ref. [3] for a recent experiment in the non-interacting case).


[1] Nardin, Ardonne, LM, Spin-statistics relation for quantum Hall states, 

[2] Nardin, LM, Laughlin’s quasielectron is a non-local composite fermion, 

[3] Redon, Liu, Bouhiron, Mittal, Fabre, Lopes, Nascimbene, Realizing the entanglement Hamiltonian of a topological quantum Hall system,

TQM seminar #25 : November 23 2023, 2pm (???)

Indranil Paul (MPQ, Paris)