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TQM seminar #23 : June 29 2023, 2pm (LPTHE library, towers 13-14, 4th floor)

Serge Florens (Institut NĂ©el, Grenoble)

Many-body physics in Josephson quantum circuits

Superconducting Josephson waveguides are introduced as a promising platform for engineering quantum many-body states. We investigate both experimentally and theoretically the on-chip realization of various models for an open quantum system, where its environment is perfectly controlled and measurable. In the strong interaction regime, the quantum system experiences a well-known renormalization, that can be extracted from spectroscopic measurements. We also put into evidence a more subtle back-action associated to the inelastic scattering of the environmental modes on the quantum system. Several theoretical methods, both perturbative and non-perturbative, are presented to describe these effects.